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Legend about the meeting of Aram Khachaturian with Salvador Dali

The museum denies the story of the meeting of the world-known Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian with the Spanish painter Salvador Dali.

The unbelievable stories usually are linked with the lives and activities of famous people. One of the legends relates to Maestro Khachaturian’s name. The story of the meeting of Aram Khachaturian with Salvador Dali by Russian writer Mikhail Weller has been circulated for many years. However, facts show us that no meeting like that took place.

According to the story, Khachaturian wanted to meet Dali in Spain during one of his concert tours. The painter was delighted to accept the offer and invited the composer to his place. Khachaturian was expecting Dali for several hours. Suddenly, Khachaturian’s Sabre Dance was heard, and Dali entered the hall, entirely naked, with a sword above his head. The music stopped, Dali disappeared behind the doors, and the maid told Khachaturian that the meeting was over.

The first fact that proves this story never happened is that Spain was not included in the countries Khachaturian visited during his concert tours. The director of the Maestro’s Museum in Yerevan has also discussed this issue with the composer’s son, who also said that this story is an artifice.

There are also no mentions about that “meeting” neither in the press, nor in his personal letters.

Several years ago, the administration of Salvador Dali’s House-museum in Spain wrote to Aram Khachaturian Museum in Yerevan to check the truthfulness of the story, because they also did not have any information connected to that impossible “meeting”.

And the most important fact which denies the story, is that the author of the story, the Russian writer, has personally denied it, saying it was a hoax. Follow the link:

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