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“…I will say that it was rather hard for me to imagine the future house-museum by drafts on paper. From the outside, it is very beautiful and persuasive, but the internal arrangement and design was more difficult to visualize. In general, I liked the project and felt like approving it…”

Aram Khachaturian, January 29, 1978, Moscow

The museum of one of the greatest sons of Armenian, the world-famous composer Aram Khachaturian was founded in 1978.

Our aim is to perpetuate the memory of the great artist and spread his rich musical heritage in the world, passing it to future generations.

The museum is located in the center of Yerevan. It was created on the basis of the private house near Marshal Baghramyan Avenue and Plekhanov (now Zarobyan) Street, which was presented to Aram Khachaturian by the Government of Soviet Armenia in 1945.

The decision to turn it into a house-museum was made on July 21, 1976, during the composer’s lifetime. Maestro also had the opportunity to get acquainted with the sketches of the future House-Museum building project (author: architects Mark Grigoryan, Eduard Altunyan), writing his observations and recommendations on the title page of the project.

The composer adored his house in Yerevan. Coming to Armenia, he stayed here, received guests and created his masterpieces. During the last years of his life Maestro had a wish to have, especially, a concert hall in his own House-Museum in Yerevan, for different musicians round the world to visit it and hold their concerts here.

The former residence has remained without changes. The garden had been converted into a small courtyard, where a spring-monument has been erected. The house-museum stands out for its unique architectural arch style and originality. The five soaring arches at the front of the entrance resemble turning forks, while the interior archways, doors and columns are wonderful examples of aesthetic style and originality.

On the ground floor there is a Memorial, fund, library and departments. From the foyer, a winding staircase leads to the first floor, where 10 spacious and bright showrooms are dedicated to permanent exhibition. On this floor there is also a sound library and a concert hall.

Sound Library and Library

The house-museum also has a music library with a unique and rich collection of classical music (the collection includes about 7,000 CDs and DVDs), where, in addition to the works of Aram Khachaturian, you can also listen to world classics performed by world famous musicians. The initiator of the sound library in Aram Khachaturyan Museum is Canadian-Armenian Harmik Grigorian, who presented the museum with a unique collection of CD-s presenting records of world classical music.

The library of the House-Museum contains almost all of the composer’s published works, literature in Armenian and foreign languages, scientific research materials and monographs covering known and unknown pages of the composer’s life. The House-Museum also houses monographs about Armenian and foreign composers and musicians and their works.

You can get acquainted with the materials of the library in the reading room.

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